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About Us

At Colman Community Services, we specialize in counseling for substance abuse. We provide our clients with complete transparency, honesty, and privacy. Within our space, we foster a safe environment where you can freely express yourself while we address your needs. Because every individual is different, we tailor our sessions for the most effective results. No matter how long it can take or the size of your needs, we will work closely with you to ensure we approach your treatment carefully and properly.

We offer the following services:

* Substance Use Disorders Outpatient Treatment
* Intensive Outpatient Treatment
* Level 1 outpatient treatment
* ACT/Prime For Life
* Relapse Prevention Education
* Chemical Dependency Assessment and Evaluation
* Individual Counseling
* Group Counseling
* Court-Ordered Treatment
* Mental health assessments
* Anger Management
* MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy)

1824 N Last Chance Gulch Helena, MT 59601

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed

(406) 594-6972

[email protected]

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