Prime 4 Life (ACT) Information

Often Mandatory after receiving a DUI, Prime for life is a judgement free, evidence-based prevention course. It promotes a way of understanding how alcohol and drug related problems develop. We learn what we can do to prevent them, and why sometimes we need help. Our course administrators are trained by the Prevention Research Institute and provide a less rigid, less punitive instruction than is normally administered. Instead, we approach the lesson with a care based, psychoeducational course in an interactive, relaxed group setting.

When: 2nd Wednesday and Thursday of every month
Wednesday + Thursday 4pm-7pm

Cost: $350 includes Evaluation and the 2 day course.
Evaluation: $250
Course: $100

Only 16 spots available per class.

Coffee and donuts provided

To register for class, please call us at (406) 594-6972

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