Anger Management

At Colman Community Services, we understand that every individual has struggles that are unique to them. One of the counseling services we offer is anger management. We know that anger can cause us to make us make rash decisions that can impact your everyday life and relationship with those around you. We provide and safe and comforting environment where you can safely express your emotions and learn how to process them in a healthier manner. To make an appointment with one of our licensed counselors, please give us a call at Colman Community Services today.

This class will consist of:

-Anger management evaluation: This program is a comprehensive evaluation that includes testing, interview, and a written recommendation for treatment if it is determined to be needed. This evaluation costs $300.00, and collateral information is required.

-40 hours of SAMHSA-approved anger management classes: Both 1:1 and group sessions are available. The cost is $30 per 3-hour class.

Clients will receive a workbook that they will be expected to work through in and out of class.

-Anger Management for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Clients: A Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy Manual UPDATED 2019 Patrick M. Reilly, Ph.D. Michael S. Shopshire, Ph.D.

-Secondary Education material: Education Groups for Men Who Batter: The Duluth Model 1st edition by Ellen Pence, Michael Paymar.

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